Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tim's Twelve Tags Of Christmas Day 6 (on day 7)

I was trying to play catch up today and make 2 tags, but these are taking ages to make, so I'll just have to do them as and when 'cos they're taking over my life and Christmas is a comin'. I bit the bullitt and cut through my texture fade like Tim sugested, and it does work nicely :o)  It's a lot bluer in real life, and the gold paint showes up more, but I feel like I'm living in a cave at the moment with only a couple of hours of sunlight a day!
I didn't have any holly, so I've given my reindeer a nice snug scarf. I'm really enjoying these tags, but it takes me hours to make then another half hour to tidy away. How Tim thinks these up every day, photographs and blogs em I don't know! Do we think he's telling porkies and he's been secretly creating them since July lol. Thanks very much for looking, and pop over to Artyjens to see all the other amazing tags x


  1. Well, I have been wondering about this guy, because like you, it seems to take me ages, but I don't clear away afterwards and the piles are just getting higher and higher. You tag is wonderful, well worth all the time you've put in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terrific tag Sue and love that scarf, great touch. Mmmm I think you are right about Tims creations probably did start in July when he wasn't taking a But at least he has all the Annette x

  3. It looks fabby :D
    Glad I'm not the only messy worker LOL :D
    Julie xx

  4. I go with Annette on this one. If you have all the products and don't need to re-think and improvise .... maybe it's also less messy (lol)
    BUT your tag looks lovely, love the scarf, this is a fantastic touch.

  5. Fabulous tag Sue and the scarf does look lovely.
    These really do take an age to make - I still have no 7 to go.

  6. This tag is beautiful Sue. I know what you mean about it being so time consuming though. I dont tidy up afterwards, but try to use the scraps left on my desk for the next tag! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog & I love your idea of using the tags for cards!

  7. Another stunning tag to add to the collection Sue.

    That's why I'm taking a rain check this year as I just haven't got the time xxxx

  8. Hi! Gorgeous....the scarf is so pretty on the deer
    Thanks for linking to my splinter group ;)
    xoxo Sioux
    Perhaps is makes it easier if you have everything in a craft study as T!m does....don't forget he has little helpers that probaly do the tidy up afterwards;)

  9. Another wonderful tag Sue. Love the scarf! I am thinking they take a long time but if you can clean up in half an hour your way ahead of me. It would be nice if we could have a clone to take care of everything else while we play.

  10. They are taking over my life too hon lol lovely tag though, all the hard work is definitely worth it when they turn out as beautiful as yours xxx

  11. Love your tag Sue, the scarf is a great touch. I think I,m taking a raincheck on todays as I don't have the masks and like you it takes me hours to do each tag, I have to tidy up each night as I don't have a craftroom and it takes ages, wonder if Santa can spare an Elf ?

  12. Wonderful tags. I love the vintage layered look.


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