Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It's A New Year!

And I hope it's a happy and healthy one for everyone!
To say that I spend half my life looking through peoples blogs, I can't believe that I've just stumbled upon The Kathryn Wheel. She has completed an amazing calender of 2010 and is all set to do it again this year. Always being one to start (and then quite often give up) something, I thought I would give it a go. Look I've filled in the first couple of days then I ran out of things to say lol. Note to self, do bigger bits to write in then you can fill 'em with long words and look smart :o) I don't know why but I just really wanted to stamp the fish.
Anyone can join in so please check out Kate's fabulous blog and be inspired. x


  1. Blog trawling throws up some fabulous ideas. saw some of these last year yours looks set to be a great journal, enjoy the journey XOXO Zoe

  2. this is fabulous!!!! I am joining the Kathryn Wheel challenge to this year...its the first time I have even attemped this style of crafting...I am sure I will learn loads....and thank you for the inspiration....

    I am the same as you I have started many projects including diarys, and I have never finished them....I am kind of hoping that as it is a diary and crafting at the same time, I will keep it up!!!

    ....... and I love the fish!!!! I can see why you wanted to use them!

    Hugs Juls


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