Friday, 3 December 2010

Tims 12 Tags of Christmas Day 3

I'm really enjoying Tim's latest set of tags, I've discovered that I can die cut tissue tape, but that my  tape flowers need a little working on lol. I think in the video he calls it a pile of garbage - not far wrong there...
I've also discovered that I never know when to stop (too much snow) - actually that's a lie I KNOW that I never know when to stop -  and that when Tim says snip off the branch, he doesn't mean cut the poor birds legs off :o)
A bit more improvising today, I didn't have the correct tree or a nice mossy nest. The only greenery not covered under 2 feet of snow is my aloe vera plant, and she bites! So I've used some prima leaves for the nest and instead of tinsel. And at eleven o'clock there was no way I was dying ribbon (plus I havn't managed to get yesterdays dye of my hands yet) so it can think itself lucky that it's got a bit of organza.
Can't wait for tomorrows tag 'cos this is sooo much more important that real life isn't it lol.
Just need to do the linky thingy at Artyjens Splinter Group then it's off to bed for me. Thanks very much for looking x


  1. OOO this is lovely :D
    well done :D
    Julie xx

  2. LOL so between us we are wingless and legless, brilliant. I love your interpretation and alterations, love all that snow as well. Annette x

  3. I didn't enjoy making the tissue tape flower either. I think you have the perfect amount of snow and your leaves look terrific. I agree this is much more important than real life.

  4. Your tag looks brilliant Sue! Fab improvisation! x

  5. Love how your Tag turned out today, this is way too much fun, and of course it's much more important than shopping and housework and going to work! Just for those 12 days! lol. Today's looks quite simple, although I have no Facets or his seasonal stack! .......Improvising AGAIN!
    Donna x

  6. Good grief! Real life! What's that! LOL
    Love your pretty tag :) Having fun? I am! Thanks for linking to the splinter group
    xoxo Sioux

  7. love your tag and your improvisations, I,ve never tried the tissue tape(its so expensive!)I loved the snow effect I don't think you have too much of it.I wasn't going to look at todays tag until after tea but now I think I just have to...........

  8. Great tag Sue, fab improvising xxxx

  9. I like the way you improvised with your leaves - a cool variation in my opinion, and I am a 'dont know when to stop' kinda person too so hear you on that one lol, all in all another fabulous tag - thanks for sharing xxx

  10. Really gorgeous Sue and your little tale made me smile.
    Fabulous improvising!


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