Sunday 25 February 2024

A Regency Romance Pinwheel Tower Card

 Good morning and a very happy Sunday! We've just come back from a fabulous sunny holiday in Tenerife and it's straight back to laundry (yuk!) and grandma duties (well go on then, if I must 😁😁😁)

Before we went away I made this pinwheel tower card with the beautiful Regency Romance collection from Relatively Thoughtful.
These 6x4 postcards come with the collection so obviously these were going to be the stars of my card.
Just to annoy everyone (myself included) I've really mixed my metaphors (😉) with my measurements for the base cards. The postcards are exactly 6x4, so I've added an 1/8 of an inch all around for the border, and then added another 5 cm for the central tower and scored and folded there.
This is the bit that always trips me up! You just join the long sides to the short sides. Simples NOT. If I go straight in with the glue it always ends up in the big blue filing cabinet under my desk, so I paperclip it all together first. Of course I get it right first time when no actual glue is involved!
And with good luck and a following wind, it all looks like this when it's joined together!
I used a lovely toning paper for the side strips and added some stamping for a bit of extra interest. I practised with a few ink pads to get the correct colour.
I also fussy cut some images and chopped up some sentiments from the cut-apart sheets.
Isn't she the most beautiful woman ever? I punched out some tiny red hearts to give her a pop of colour.
And another side.
And a third
And the final side.
Not that I have favourites, but if I did....
And the view from the top, just before you squish it all down to fold flat for postage! Well done if you've stuck with me all this time - you can have an extra 10 points which means you should win the Hogwarts House Cup!
As always there is lots of inspiration every day on our social pages, and they don't waffle on as long as I do! Please pop across to 
The collection can be found here in the Relatively Thoughtful store in both digital and paper formats.
Thanks so much for looking, take care and have a wonderful day whatever you are doing x


  1. Fabulous card, it takes me right back to my beloved Jane Austen. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your card looks great.

    Pleased you had a nice sunny holiday in Tenerife.
    Enjoy your Grandma duties.

    All the best Jan


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