Thursday, 1 August 2013

Step Up For Creative Studios and an Apology

Here's a little look at my latest piece for Sam Poole's Creative Studios.
She's also got some shows on Create and Craft next Tuesday so do try and watch.
My apologies to everyone who has visited my blog recently. I've been noticeable by my absence lately as real life has caught up with me with a bang. I do always look but I've been rubbish at leaving comments. Hopefully next week things should start to get back to normal for me (whatever normal is lol) 
Here's hoping the weather stays nice for the weekend, and thanks very much for looking x


  1. A lovely card Sue. In the same boat as you commenting wise! We need an extra 24 hours in a day! Hugs, Jenny x

  2. Hope all is okay? We all need more hours or moment ing! Hugs trace x

  3. Lovely piece. Glad to see you back! Valerie

  4. Hope at least not a bad bang... and no need to apologise - it hits all of us sometimes.
    Alison x

  5. Don't worry Sue, it happens to us all

    Hope all is well

    Sam xxx

  6. I've just taken a look, such a fantastic project.


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