Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wot No Layers?

This weeks Stampotique challenge is to make a one layer card. Crikey how hard is that!! I didn't realise how much I like to slap the layers on until someone said that I couldn't.  So out come the old stamp positioner and I had to scrub my mat 'cos inky fingerprints would show.  Although I'm a very messy crafter I've now realised that I can't do random - I had to have my flowers in a little pattern, and the lines  are the same length, no doodling for me thank you very much! Note to self, stop being a control freak...
Everything has been coloured in Prismacolor pencils 'cos they're my new favourite toy.
All of the stamps are available from Stampotique Originals and I've used 
6095 Welcome Door 
4012 Gentleman Fox
9166 Carols' Flower (small)
Please pop over to the Stampotique Designers Challenge blog and join in with your own one layer card. Don't forget there's a chance to win $30 to spend on Stampotique stamps.
It's holiday time for me tomorrow - the fact that I'm typing this at 11.30 pm the day before I fly gives you some indication of how long my to do list is lol.
Thanks very much for looking and I'll catch up with you when I get back x


  1. Great card, hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. Love this card - have a feeling that there's another stamp about to make its way onto my wishlist!!! :D

    Prismacolor's are one my new fave toys too and OLCs give you the perfect excuse to play with them.

    Have a fab holiday.

    Claire x

  3. Wonderful one-layer card Sue!

  4. Lovely card. One layer is always very difficult! Valerie

  5. I think you did a great job. Love how it turned out

  6. have a great holiday, beautiful card!

  7. Control freakery is completely allowable when it leads to lovely stuff like this! And I know exactly what you mean about One Layer - had the same problem recently!! Hope you have a great holiday...
    Alison x

  8. Great card Sue, I'm really struggling with this one too!!! One layers and LIM cards are really hard to do!!!

    Great job though.

    Sam xxx

  9. A wonderful one layer card, your stamping looks fabulous.

  10. great job Sue :) You will make me break out my Prismas now...


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