Saturday, 5 December 2020

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

 Good morning and a very happy Saturday. All the snow from yesterday has gone now, but it was so pretty at the time! Today we should have been traveling up to the Lake District for our annual Christmas week away but the Tier 3 restrictions have put paid to that. Never mind, I've put so much weight on during lockdown I don't think I could have gone out anyway, 'cos PJ's are frowned upon in public.

Today I'm back over at Country View Crafts with my second Anything Goes Christmas piece.

Again, this was the first time I'd used these Tim Holtz dies. Oh my goodness, I love the Santa, but what a faff to put together, not for the faint-hearted (or madly impatient and very short-sighted). I should just carry on cutting and make a few in advance for next year (who am I kidding, I'll put them away and leave 'till the last minute as always)

So my work in progress photo is actually just a pile of bits! What this doesn't show is that actually, Santa is in two halves! That really is not how you should treat the big guy in red (other Santa colours are available)

I hope you're already joining in with our challenge, and if not, put on your Christmas music, Santa hat and get creating!

Have a very happy week, and thanks so much for looking x


  1. Wonderful cards, as always. Have a great weekend, stay safe!

  2. This card is awesome, Sue!!! I love this Santa too!!! You know I adore your stitching and the snowfall with the pearls is wonderful!!! Have a lovely weekend!!! Big hugs xx

  3. There may be much faff but don't Santa look awesome!! If I lived nearer & was aloud out to play we could have a *Dress Santa Party* and make dozens and dozens for the years ahead. Fabulously festive Sue, I really hope who receives this they appreciate ever tiny tiny die cut piece.. Hugs Tracey xx

  4. Sue, I agree, it takes a while to 'build' him but isn't he just fabulous when he is done! I just love what you have done with him and the moose are just a delight trotting along behind him. Thank you for giving me a big smile on a dreary Monday morning!

    Keep safe and well (sorry about your cancelled time away but I am with you on the PJ front, not sure I will ever get properly dressed again - lol). Hugs, Anne xx

  5. I love that Santa too :)

    Such a shame you couldn't get up to the Lake District.
    So many have had travel plans cancelled, weddings postponed etc but the key thing is stay safe and well, and wear your mask!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    All the best Jan

  6. Such a shame on your holiday. Your card looks great

  7. I love this fabulous card, every bit and bob is beautiful, the whole scene is fantastic, and the Santa and the deers are going so weel together!!!
    Well worth using them and continuing to take some advance, I agree ;-)
    Like you, I can't go away for Christmas visiting my in-laws as I love to do each year. Boohoo. Happily, we can just continue to have fun with our art&crafts stuff, teehee. xx

  8. Great card Sue, love it to bits. Sorry to hear about the change of holiday plans but I think it's sensible. Take care and happy creative week, Angela xXX

  9. Sending Christmas greetings your way Sue from my house to yours. However you spend your day I hope it's a Merry one with lots of crafty goodies delivered from the man himself.
    Stay safe Hugs Tracey xx


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