Wednesday, 30 November 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I was recently contacted by Chalkola and asked if I would review their chalk markers. This sounded like fun so I said yes. I received two sets of pens to use for free in exchange for an honest review.

I received 2 packs, neon (fabulous bright colours) with a 6mm nib

and Earthy colours which are soft muted colours. These are lovely chunky pens with a 3mm bullet nib. The pens have to be primed before use by pumping the nib. Once the colour starts to flow it's very even and the colours are exactly as shown on the pen lid. They are designed for non porous surfaces like white boards, glass and ceramics etc.

yes indeed! they write beautifully on a laminated surface
and wash straight off with a damp cloth. Although your fingers might get painty this also washed off with a damp cloth, and there is no smell at all.

I decided to put the neon colours through their paces first.
They are not called neon for no reason. Fab bold colours that I used on this tile. I just coloured the ceramic tile with the orange pen, then scribbled the purple onto a craft mat and sponged through a stencil.
Edged with a ruler in green. Of course this just wipes straight off the ruler. I'm drying each layer with the craft gun, and it dries to a lovely chalky finish. The colours do not mix at all. You can put white on top of black and you will just see the top colour.
I put the colour straight onto polymer stamps and stamped away. I worried about the next bit as I thought I would test them with spray varnish. Nothing moved at all! So, if you don't heat set them they wipe clean with a damp cloth, if you do set them they become permanent. 

Next I tested the Earthy colours on glossy card. 
They fit into an airbrush gadget so I was able to spray them through a stencil (which cleaned up with a damp cloth - yay)
These colours are a bit more muted but give a lovely soft watercolour effect. 
Again I'm drying each layer. These colours stamp beautifully too, just paint the stamp directly.
You can dye ribbon too!.

I love these chunky pens! They would be great if you were crafting with children as they are non toxic, don't smell, and clean off with water (I'm talking about the markers here lol) If you want to make them permanent add heat - obviously an adult needs to do this part.

These are the links on Amazon, and the lovely people at Chalkola are offering a 20% discount on all their products if you quote this code 20OFFSTR.
I had great fun trying these, for me the best bits were the fab colours, very comfortable to use and these markers have lots of ink in them, and the easy clean up. I suppose I've not used them how they were meant to be used, but yes they also do exactly what it says on the tin, and so much more.

Have a great day, and thanks very much for looking x


  1. Great review Sue, you should do this more often xx

  2. They look great Sue and you have given them a really good road test xx

  3. Look very exciting Sue and you used them in so many ways

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. a great review sue - they look fun! Hugs rachel x

  5. Fab review Sue! I've just said yes to reviewing some too, so I'd best get my thinking cap on to try something different with them!

  6. Ooh these look interesting, would be perfect for all the acrylic stuff I do too
    Donna xx


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