Friday, 15 November 2013

It's A PaperArtsy Christmas

The lovely Joanne is back at PaperArtsy this week, and she's been wowing us with some simple but fun Christmas cards that are similar enough to batch make, but different enough to keep it interesting. This is my version of her day one card.
These were really easy to make once I'd got the hang of stamping the card before I cut it out 'cos I'm a really wonky stamper :-)
I used Mermaid, Sherbet, and Orchid together, and London Bus and Hyde Park.
The stamp sets are Xmas Plate 4, and Nut & Meg 3.
I've never been able to batch make before due to the boredom factor, but these were great fun.
As the evening is still young and Neil's doing the cooking I'm going to give day two a whirl now!
Thanks very much for looking and enjoy your weekend x


  1. omg, this is brilliant. this is my favourite set of cards so far this week. love them. and gutted as I had that words stamp and I've lost it! working on next month's projects now. 2 down, 1 to go!

  2. Great cards, lovely stamps. What's Neil cooking? Valerie

  3. Lovely colours these have made really great batch cards.

  4. Fantastic idea to make cards this way

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Lovely bright and cheery cards! I am so glad someone else is a wonky stamper like me!!!:) These look really professional and unwonky, though! Julie Ann xx

  6. These cards are absolutely gorgeous, Sue!

    Lucy x

  7. They are lovely, the colours are great.

  8. The same, but different! Love it, Sue! I have not made Christmas cards for about 10 years because it drove me insane. I always made 100 identical cards, and it was NOT fun. I think I could handle this kind of cardmaking! Love your design!

  9. Gorgeous cards and lovely colours!

  10. Hmm... so it ends up being down to whether one is a wonkier stamper or cutter! These work beautifully, Sue - lovely pops of colour.
    Alison x

  11. Lovely C&S cards Sue... I think I should follow your steps and do a similar set of cards, really nice although they don't take to much time to do !!! I'm going to catch up and look at your next day 2 project for PA... :) Hugs, Coco xx


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