Wednesday, 11 September 2013

You Lift Me Up

It's time to try a new technique this week at Stampotique, and this is what I've come up with.
My new technique is dripping alcohol inks then blowing through a straw. I know it's a bit high tech but I felt I was up to the challenge lol.
Everyone's been doing this for years, but alcohol inks scare me to death so very rarely are they allowed out of their box :-)
The background stamp is the fabulous Helping Hands and I do believe I've stamped it upside down, Rebel or what!
As soon as I saw it stamped I was whisked away back in time to 1983 (those of you who wern't born yet missed the BEST music. I was singing 'the grabbing hands grab all they can' for days. Click here and you will be too. I loved the 80's, on my first passport I had the Human League hair cut - goodness knows how they let me on the plane, you could barely see my face, and I was THIN - happy days lol. 
Oh yeah, the tag... Miguel Has A Gift has been stamped and cut out, and he's being lifted up by Flying Monkey 
I'm not convinced that monkey works for the good guy you know, I'm keeping my eye on him ...
The alcohol inks are safely back in their box now - hope the monkey doesn't let them out :-)
Please join in with our challenge and show us a new technique (it need not be as advanced as blowing through a straw lol) and follow the instructions on how to link (very easy even I can do it)
Thanks very much for looking and have a fab day xx


  1. Hope your no longer scared it's a fab tag :)
    Von ♥

  2. Great splats Sue! Love this colourful background. Hugs, Jenny x

  3. What a lovely splash of colours Sue. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Wow very colourful indeed!!

    Sam xx

  5. Hope you've calmed down after your adventure. Great tag !

  6. Lovely bright tag Sue. Ah yes, the 80's, loved them! x

  7. i think your alcohol inks must be very happy you played with them;))) and i sure hope you'll play with them more often, because the result is stinkin cute!!

  8. Ha ha ha, I love reading you Sue, you made me laugh today !!! Yes the 80's were the best... I miss these years too. :)
    And for your tag, it's shiny, funny and beautiful as usual ! And thanks to you, I remember now that I have alcohol inks for ages hidden somewhere in my I think I should use them more often !! Coco xxx

  9. Love that technique, looks awesome with those bold colors!

  10. Oh, my, Sue! Looks like the Copyright Police found your blog and blocked your music link! Too bad! Now, according to your sentiment, those hands are lifting Miquel up, so, for me anyway, whether you used the hand stamp upside down or not, it is actually the RIGHT way for your fun tag!!! Love it--it makes me happy!

  11. Love the alcohol inks, and so glad you decided to brave them to have a play - well worth it! Fabulous image too, and the hands in the background are very cool. I'm afraid my knowledge of Human League is limited to Don't You Want Me. How predictable is that?!
    Alison x


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