Sunday, 12 September 2010

Phew - In The Nick Of Time....

I've been meaning to do my entry for this weeks CoC challenge all week, but here I am, last push again :o) This week page 65 has all the answers on...Grungepaper flowers. As mine are rather blue they also fit in nicely with Hels' challenge for the Sunday Stampers, so who says being late isn't a good thing :o)
I'm sworn to secrecy by Linda and Tim himself about how this was made, but I started with 3 beer mats that I stole borrowed from the pub last night. Hands up those who know that a beer mat is the exact size of the largest nestie circle.  Oh you knew, and you and... well I didn't but I do now :o)  Ok hands down now,  no one likes a smart a*se you know lol.
I went to the Papercraft show in Harrogate yesterday - wow I could have spent a fortune on the first display (actually I did but that's our secret right). Then today my heat gun went to crafting heaven (big green bin) I've had it since day dot and it's one of the long ones that blows the embossing powder everywhere so I'm thinking of changing to the 'heat buddy' type. Any opinions would be most gratefully accepted.
Have a lovely Sunday evening, and thanks for looking x


  1. Fantastic mobile love the flowers and leaves and colours the piece fantastic. Had not idea about the beer mat size (don't get out much LOL) sounds like you had a great day yesterday LOL xx Zoe

  2. GORGEOUS mobile hun.. thanks for joinin in with the SUnday Stamper... fancy borrowing (!) from a pub.. good thinking... now, wondering if that local of mine is still open LOL x

  3. that looks pretty cool, like that you did something different with the coasters.

  4. So, I'm reading your description and got to the line that says, "I started with 3 beer..." and I'm thinking "YES! I'm down with that!" Then I kept reading... Oh, beer MATS! Got it! ;-)

    Your cool blue hanger of wonderfulness is a show stopper! Gorgeous work with the grunge flowers, and all the beautiful elements you used along with them, too. The colors are stunning, and it's such a fun, eye-catching work of art. I really like how you attached the circles together with the eyelets and jump rings, and the sentiment is great.

    This definitely has that "WOW Factor!"

  5. Such great fun, love your mobile. Annette x

  6. Great mobile Sue, the flowers are lovely.

    I wasn't aware about the beer mats and nesties, so thanks for that info.

    I have both types of heat tool and wouldn't be without either as I use them both for different things!!!

  7. Great project!
    My condolences for your heat gun. I have a Milkwaukee, has been going for years and is fantastic. It's hot, but without the forceful air. It's fast too.


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