Monday, 27 April 2009

Think Monday Think ATC

From the very bottom of my stamp tub, I found my only wooden mounted Sir Tim stamp. The smaller ones are by Oxford Impressions which I got when we were getting megga bucks to the pound ( I didn't want them you understand, I was just doing my bit for the economy).
This is the first time I've entered the Think Monday Think ATC challenge. I work on Mondays and usually can't be er... bothered, but I thought what the heck, stay up till 9.00 tonight lol.
Thanks very much for looking and Happy Mondays everyone xx


  1. What a happy bunch of fellows on their way to new adventures! A very nice card!

  2. Fantastic ATC - love the colour and the stamp !!!

  3. Sue, I love your card. the background is gorgeous with the bright color and the stamps. Your car full of guys could be a stamp of my photo with my grandfather, except it seems you have 5 guys, not four. Glad you sacrificed the zzzz's to enter this challenge. It's great to see your work.

  4. I Love it and checked off your box too!!

  5. it's great Sue, you rebel staying up til 9 lol

  6. It's a great ATC! And if you really don't want those stamps you can send them to me. Just to help you :) Btw: I often post my entries later in the week as I don't always have the time.

  7. Gorgeous ATC!

  8. Yes, indeed I love those stamps too like Jose said I'd be glad to have them. Aren't we helpful- he he!
    Anyway - Love your ATC collage!

  9. uh-oh Sue.. another digital stamp website introduced thanks to you.. that could be dangerous for me!

    Your ATC is darling.

    Greetings from Kansas, the Land of Oz.
    Peggy X


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