Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Things To Avoid

Good morning and a very happy Wednesday. For all of you cat lovers - and that should be EVERYONE there's a new event over on the portal (or on't portal if you live where I do) where we are celebrating the kitties, and here's mine.

Here's his royal smugness Flearoy or Happy Cat as he's know at Lost Coast. I've also used Diamonds Border and Cracked Grass and Sky

So over to you now to worship the feline.
Thanks very much for looking and have a fun day x


  1. I love this Sue... It's purrfect for cat lovers

  2. Now that is some sound common sense on your gorgeous feline card! Hugs, Valerie

  3. This is wonderful and such great advice from the very smart cat.. I will do the same from now on

    Love Chriisie xx

  4. Ha ha brilliant Sue, love the Flearoy name too, wish I'd thought of that!
    Donna xx

  5. Wonderful Sue - I am a real cat lady so you know how much I love this make!!!!!
    Sandy xx

  6. This is fabulous, everything is gorgeous, and what a perfect & so fun text!!! LOL xx


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