Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It's A Cracker...

Well actually it's the best gift that you can find in a cracker, the Fortune Telling Fish!

Every year I get the tape measure while someone else gets the wonderful floppy fish lol.

I've made this for the Rubber Dance challenge. Their challenges are 2 years old, and we have a choice of mood boards. I've chosen Nov/Dec 2015.
The fish were part of my fab prize for winning the July challenge and I love them! For some reason I love fish stamps, and I must admit I have quite a collection lol.
Have a great week, and thanks very much for looking xx


  1. Great make Sue, love the fish and backgrounds xxx

  2. What a fun piece! I never get anything worth having either. Hugs, Valerie

  3. What fun Sue....great stamps and such cool colours. I make my own crackers every year and one year gave those fish to everyone together with a gift...everyone was xx

  4. A really fun post it made me laugh a lot. Love this piece that you made with the calming colours and images

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Something fish about this post, Sue, so I LOVE it! You make me laugh...

  6. Oh Sue! that's brilliant. I have had these fish before and never thought of doing this with them, love it. Happy crafting,
    Angela x

  7. Hi Sue, I'm back again. I thought I was following you already but it seems not.......well I am now. Angela x

  8. Fabulous Sue !
    Good luck !
    Corrie x

  9. Ha ha yes I remember them and I remember being VERY fed up as someone else usually got it and I got stuck with a stupid whistle! Fab creation, never have fish looked so good :)
    Donna xx

  10. Oh yes, I love the floppy fish too, but it's years since I've seen one come out of a cracker. Maybe I need to buy more upmarket crackers!

    I love your silvery fish and the watery world you've created for them. In fact, that top fish reminds me of the chocolate sardines my Czech grandmother used to bring on special occasions, wrapped in individual printed silver foil wrappers and packed in a tin. My memory of the flavour remains the best chocolate I've ever eaten.
    Alison x
    I've just been to look them up, and they were French, which may explain the good chocolate compared to what was on offer in the UK in the 1970s.

  11. I would love to get the fortune telling fish - I wonder what they would tell me!! Love your floppy fish!
    Sandy xx

  12. WOW! This looks fantastic. Reminds on our holidays... Thank you for entering the Rubber Dance challenge this month. Hugs Susanne.

  13. Love your fish. They don't look floppy at all!! So detailed and realistic. They look wonderful swimming across your beautiful backgrounds. Great use of the sequins as well. Thanks for joining the Rubber Dance challenge. Hugz

  14. How lovely!!!
    You always make me laugh with your humour lol :)
    I love fishes and sea scenes too, I really want to create more with my own fishes this year... I hope my plans will not be pushed under the carpet as so many times before haha.
    Hugs, Coco xxx


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