Friday, 18 July 2014

I Wanna Tell You A Story....

The theme for this weeks Stampotique challenge has been chosen by our lovely France, and here is what she says 
Hi! My name is France and I'm a bookworm. No doubt there are a lot of other bookworms among our lovely Stampotiquers.
I would like to know about your favorite books. So my challenge for you, should you accept it, is to create a piece, inspired by your favorite book. Let the story, the title, the cover, a quote inspire you! Now you might have a problem choosing your all time favorite book, don't worry, it's not like you are writing it in stone, just pick one. Or maybe your problem is that you don't like reading at all. Here is how to cheat: go for your favorite film based on a book, we won't tell ;)))
Here's mine, can you tell what it is yet ?
I love to read too, but I have to admit I'm not a heavyweight. I've had 2 favourite authers, Enid Blyton as a child, then moving on to Agatha Christie. Yep I do love a good murder mystery, and my Kindle is pack full of them. I also have shelves and boxes full or 'real' books too, which is where this one came from. I saw the film first with the lovely Eric Bana, then went and bought the book (There's a clue lol)
I've only used 2 stamps which is NOT like me, Timeless, and Girl With Heart Purse
Timeless is perfect for shrink plastic  'cos it's so easy to cut out. All the background has been painted in Silks paints.
In the time honoured tradition of all murder mysteries, here's the final denouement....
The book is brilliant, well worth a read - though it may make you cry lol. Please try and join in with our challenge, and remember the rules - no digis. Also try not to bump off any of the Stampotique characters along the way :-)
Thanks very much for looking x


  1. This is fab Sue,so much detail to it. Love that book also and yes it is very sad.

    Have a great weekend
    Donna xx

  2. This is wonderful, I love all the details in the watch and your girl is perfect. Awesome project.

  3. Beautiful watch Sue, so many little details to keep one mesmerised. Stunning creation, love how you have used only two stamps.

    Special inspiration:-) xxx

  4. Love this perfect and very cute creation, so well inspired by this book!!! That's fun, because when I was a child I also loved Enyd Blyton! And of course, Agatha Christie a bit later... :) Hugs, Coco xxx

  5. Great make Sue and I love that time piece stamp, look fabulous shrunk!!

    Sam xx

  6. Great piece, and I LOVE the book, have it as a real book and on my Kindle. Have a nice weekend, hugs, Valerie

  7. Wonderful, Sue ! Such detail !
    Corrie x

  8. Great idea!! I loved the book and i love this xx

  9. That's a fantastic creation. I didn't know the book but I loved the movie.

  10. This is terrific Sue.

    I loved the book as well :)

    Chrissie x

  11. Love, love this, Sue - those layered clocks are just brilliant! I started reading it at about 10pm one evening, and finished at 4am without having stopped once! Could not put it down (was also a bit worried that if I did I would lose track!!).
    Alison xx

  12. That is wonderful Sue, love that Stampotique girl. I love the book too. Had to stop reading it in public however, as it kept making me cry. :)

  13. Well done, Sue! A creative way to transform one of your favorite pastimes into wonderful art!


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