Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lots To Do Challenge - Hats and Crowns

I got my new Tanda Stamps yesterday, so I had to work them into a challenge, and as Lots to Do is hats and crowns this week - well there you go.
My skinny blonde (meeeeeeow ) is enjoying a day by the sea - she obviously doesn't have teenagers, an overweight cat and a husband who is grumping because there is no football 'till Tuesday lol
This image is from an Adverts plate. I love Tanda Stamps and their customer service is brilliant. I couldn't decide whether to go with the clear stamps or the rubber, but as I could get the rubber in a pack of four and save a few pounds.... that's me working till I'm 87 now.
The background is just inks, and my lady is coloured with Prisma a Pro-Markers. A bit of TH's metely bits and all done.
The waves and the seaguls are actually all my own work, I stuck out my tongue and drew them myself, and yes they are the extent of my drawing capabilities, though If you game me some playdo I can make a snake coming out of a coil pot! I'll not give up the day job lol.
Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of the weekend x


  1. great card Sue!! love the lady!! she is really enjoying herself!!

  2. Great work Sue am a great fan of Tanda myself and love to see the different ways people use their stamps. love your layout here is summer all over xx Zoe

  3. This is great Sue and that woman looks so sophisticated in that hat!!!

  4. Great card, Sue! Oh for a waist like that!

  5. Lovely card - and I think your waves really set it off.

  6. Great colours.. and hasn't she got a smart hat!

  7. Yes its fab! Must have a look at Tanda


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