Saturday, 23 May 2009

I Got A New Book na na na na na!

I have got a Claudine Hellmuth collage book and it is sooooo fab except it made (yes made!) me order tons of stuff like acrylic medium, and canvas and you know what it's like when you start looking round arty crafty websites - I now need to work 'till I'm at least 120!
Anyhoos the challenge at SaWo is 'sparkling' so here is my sparkling piece ('cept you can't really tell that it's sparkling, but it is - honest)
I covered a tag with some sticky backed canvas and painted with paint dabbers in a pale blue. Then did a deeper blue wash and finished with a coat of pearl (that's where the sparkling comes in)
Then a layer of aforesaid gel medium and stuck an old book page on top. I added masking tape and removed some of the book paper. This was the really good bit 'cos now some of the ink has transfered and it's back to front, and some has peeled.
I've stamped my favourite TH tree and birds, and just edged with a midnight blue ink.I think it needs something on the bottom, but I don't know what, and as I quite pleased with it so far I don't want to spoil it (like my 3 earlier attempts but we won't talk about those) :o) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I know that you all have probably been doing this stuff for years, but it's new to me and I'm really excited lol.
Thanks for looking and have a fab weekend x


  1. Wow what a great Tag.
    Really stunning. Love them.

    Thanks Sue for playing SaWo.

  2. Gorgeous, Sue! That tree is just beautiful and the background sets it off a treat! looking forward to seeing more!

  3. gorgeous tag!!love the stamping!

  4. Gorgeous work, Sue. I love the way the book page did. Your TH stamps are really great. I especially love that tree. I'd leave it as it is. Many mixed media artists like to put a text like "hope" or "fly" and such. If you were to add any text, I think it would go in the lower right. If it were me, though, I'd leave it bare.

  5. Gorgeous tag!

  6. Gorgeous tag! I'm jealous that you got a new book!Haha. I think you're tag looks good the way it is but you could put alittle nest at the bottom,like the birds are flying away from their nest.

  7. You did a fabulous job with the tecnique. Wonderful piece.

  8. Fab tag Sue, I think it looks great as it is, sometimes less is best xxxx

  9. Hi Sue,
    thanks for your nice comment on my mum´s blog.
    Your cards are beautiful,too.
    Love Alicia

  10. gorgeous tag, love the stamping


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