Friday, 8 August 2014

Postman Pat Had A Black And White Cat

... and so did I until last Saturday. Unfortunately she had the last ride to the vets and is now with her mum and brother in the rockery. Still with us, just not as visible. After a good old cry on my Stampotique teamies shoulders, (and work buddies - the poor beggers didn't know what had hit them lol) I'm now at the 'do you remember when she did so and so' stage which is a much happier place 'cos I have so many wonderful memories of her. To others she may have been a moggie, but to us (and her) she was a Princess.
Anyhow the Stampotique challenge this week has been chosen by Jackie. Now maybe the design team had upset her or something because for the theme, she has chosen bows. Seriously -  ok I can tie my own shoelaces, but a work of art they aint! I have gadgets and gismo's and more ribbon than you can shake a stick at, but it just get wrapped and tied, not a bow in sight! But a challenge is a challenge and so to celebrate all black and white (and every other colour) cats here's mine.
I made this on Sunday when I was very down, but it's impossible to be miserable when you're playing with these guys.
If I had to pick just one cat stamp it would have to be Kitten Sitting, but luckily I don's so all the gangs here.
By the way Jackie didn't say that we had to tie our own bow, but I did stick them on myself :-)
Lots of kitty stamps here
Under The Paraplouie
Line Up
Kitty Squad
Cat Family

So to all you furry purries out there, we salute you!

Thanks very much for looking x


  1. Gorgeous and fun creation,Sue. These stampotique stamps really are the best,haven't got a cat one yet so will have to sort that out!

    So sorry to hear about your cat. I have 'lost' 2 in the past and it's truly awful so I know how you feel. The one I have now is my constant little companion,and art director,so I would miss her something chronic.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Donna xx

  2. Sending hugs Sue, still miss my dog and it's been 30 years...

    Love your kitty heart homage it is awesome, so much interest and dimension. Am with you on the bows, yours look amazing you did a great job sticking them on.

    Take care:-) xxx

  3. Love the piece you have made in tribute to your dear cat. It's a big help to think about the good times you had together, and she will be purring for you in her little cat heaven! Hugs, Valerie

  4. So sorry you lost your dear friend but what great memories you must have and also this beautiful tribute.

    Love Chrissie x

  5. Cats leave paw prints on our heart, in my life time I have loved and lost 4 cats ......:( I love all the kitties on this project and well done a getting a bow or two on there as well ....

  6. I love your creation this week and it's such a lovely tribute to your furry friend. I've been thinking of you lots Sue, big hugs xxx

  7. Love this "memorial" piece, Sue! The black'n'white cats are a perfect tribute, and look great against all that color. And, in the end, a great bow!

  8. Love this "memorial" piece, Sue! The black'n'white cats are a perfect tribute, and look great against all that color. And, in the end, a great bow!

  9. AAh so sad, I am sorry about your cat, they are members of the family and it's a big shock to loose them :(
    On the up side your bow and cat festooned heart is fabulous and very cute, :D Love it !!!xx

  10. Sorry you lost your cat. It is always traumatic to loose a pet ! Hugs, Corrie x

  11. Big hugs to you Sue, I'm so sorry. Just heard from a friend that her princess went to the Rainbow Bridge today. :( I love your heart creation, every time you look at it you will remember your Princess with so much love.

  12. Amazing project Sue!! A lovely tribute to your furry friend. XOXO

  13. Wow, I adore your crown Sue, absolutely amazing!!! Even more beautiful when seeing it on your blog instead of FB only of course... That's a fabulous tribute made with love in honour to your dear cat, so beautiful. Sending you big hugs to comfort you, Coco xxx


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