Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Stay Calm, It's Christmas In July

Good morning and happy Wednesday. Today I'm over at the Ink Art Designs Stamping Playground with one of my favourite themes, Christmas in July. I've made a couple of fun cards and matching envelopes.

I received these fab Katzelkraft stamps from Dot on Monday, and my post was due today, so I knew I had to stamp fast lol.

I made the envelopes first, these are cards that I will be hand-delivering so there's no need for a real stamp. I think Sherlock looks very sweet as an angel.

I stamped him on my stamping platform and left him in place while I coloured him with my Prisma pencils. I love Prisma's on kraft card. When I'd done I re-stamped to add the detail back.

And these are the cards. The footprints stamp is a Visible Image one that was in Craft Stamper years ago.

I've added a few sequins and some snow - real of course!

You can find lots of Katzelkraft and other fabulous stamps here in Dot's store.

I'm entering my cards into the ABC Christmas challenge where this month N stands for No Fuss

Have a great day whatever you're are doing, and thanks very much for looking x

Friday, 3 July 2020

Year One Before and After

Good morning and happy Friday. I'm really happy to be sharing the second piece that I made for this month's Country View Crafts challenge. I chose 'Do More Of What Makes You Happy' for my theme. Many things make me happy in my crafting, such as bright colours, and stamping, but this has neither of those. I also love to take classes and learn new things, and to make things that I know (hope) the recipients will love. 
This was made after a Clare Charvill online class. It's for my son and his partner. They have been in their 1st home now for a year! It's gone by so quickly, and although their house was ok to move into, they've done wonders with it already.

I made a couple of brag books and a box to put them in.

The box has been made with papers from Studio Light. The key and number 3 are pieces of Tim Holtz hardware that I've had for years, and the fence has been made with a TH Edge die.

 This is the side of the box. The tree is a die-cut from Art By Marlene, and the cat is my furry grandkitty.

 We spent 3 weeks before they moved in,  painting and cleaning, etc. It was hard work but fun and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I drove everyone mad snapping away on my phone, but I knew that I wanted to make an album of 'before' pictures.

This is the day they got their keys. I'm not showing any more photo's 'cos we don't look our best lol, but you get the idea. The albums are 6x4 so I've just trimmed a little of the edges.

Chris's partner has her own Instagram page with lots of photos of their house which I've 'borrowed' for her album.

So I hope I've inspired you to do what you love, (in a crafty way, not bank robbery or anything like that) and share it with us at Country View Craft.
Take care, have a great week, and thanks so much for looking x

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Do More of What Makes You Happy For Country View Crafts

Good morning and happy Wednesday - welcome to July! So this month the restrictions are being eased again, and life should hopefully feel a little more like normal. Except for queueing at Primark, that's not normal! And don't get me started on leaving all the litter on the beaches, what is wrong with people!!
I must admit the longer that lockdown has continued the less I have gone out - even when I could. We are very lucky, we have a lovely garden (thanks to Neil) but I could easily turn into a hermit. The virus has made me see that life is very precious, and you never know what is around the corner, so we should all do more of what makes us happy, hence my choice of theme for this month's challenge at Country View Crafts.
I do love to take crafty classes, and as that has been a no-no, I've taken quite a few online and watched lots of Youtube and Facebook tutorials. 
This was my Dad's Father's Day card from last month and was inspired by a tutorial on the Graphic 45 blog by the amazing Gloria Stengal. She makes such beautiful things and makes it all seem so easy and do-able. I'm a stamper and have never made an album or anything like this, so it was WAY out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed making it, and Dad loved it too (phew)

I scaled everything up from the tutorial as I like an 8x8 card, and I wanted to keep the photos to 6x4.

This is the front, it's taken from one of my favourite collections, 'Kaleidoscope' Don't try and make me choose between this and 'Ocean Blue'  The only problem is the spelling of colour/color but it just looked wrong when I covered this bit up, so I gritted my teeth and left it alone.

 This is what you see when you lift the cover. They are papers from an 8x8 pad and ephemera cards. There is a selection of G45 goodies here in the store.

 The photos just flip out and are stuck down with photo glue so they can be taken out and changed.

 All of the photos are selfies on my phone and mostly from holidays, so I seem to be on most of them. You think a photo is just a photo until you need to use them in an album or a card. Then you realise that a)some are landscape, and others portrait. b) You never get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. c) The camera adds 3 or 4 chins/stones, and d)someone always gets half of their head chopped off!

 More photo's on the back, with a very rare one of us all from Christmas (it's a few years old now). My Dad is always photo-ready - that's definitely not something I've inherited from him, I'm the one that's squinting, sneezing, or just looking like a muppet in general.

This is the very back page with another ephemera card, I've also written the greeting here.

There's also a little video here showing the grand opening. I was doing the filming so I've not suddenly developed hairy hands. We had a great system, I would elbow Neil on the head and he would turn the page!
So I hope you join in with our challenge and show us what you love. Take care and have a very happy July xx

Monday, 29 June 2020

The Usual Suspects

Good morning and a very happy (but gray) Monday. After the hot, hot, hot weather of last week, it's cool and dark today and I'm loving it! (but only for a day, ok, then it can warm up again - but not too warm, and have a breeze - but not too windy lol)
Stampotique has a new challenge, which is 'birds, and purple as the main colour' Well if that isn't a challenge I don't know what is! I like purple, and I do use it, but never as the main colour. But anyway here's my piece.

I think the combined age of the stash used in this is about 250! The sentiment is from an old Andy Skinner stencil, ( I mean the stencil is old, - or do I....) and the Viva Decor texture paste is even older. I've also had Crow Line and Quails Cube for years, but you can't keep a good stamp down!
This will be another page in my cotton rag book when I've worked out how to use my Cinch which I got from QVC in 1842 and has never been out of the box, but it seemed a good idea at the time!
Take care, and have a very happy day x

Monday, 22 June 2020

May All Your Dreams Come True

Good morning and Happy Monday. Today I'm over at the Ink Art Designs Stamping Playground with my Just A Girl And Her Imagination piece. 

It's a 6x6 (ish) piece of cotton rag paper that's been stencilled with Distress Inks and Oxides.

 Wow, what a great photograph, I can see why I would take this... If a picture is worth a thousand words this one's worth about 17! Ok, so I stamped my 2 main images, and left everything on the stamping platform so I could paint everything where it was.
 Actually, I didn't do too bad a job, but lots of the fine detail has gone. Everything's been colored with PaperArtsy Fresco paints. I love how the translucent colours let the details underneath show through.  Also as the stamps and paper are still on the stamping platform I can re-stamp the detail back in.

As if by magic the whiskers are back! I've just added a sentiment and a few sequins to finish off. I have a few of these sheets now, and when I've got enough I'll bind them all together
All of these stamps can be found here in Dot's store along with lots of other goodies.
I hope you're all staying well, and coping with the ever-changing Coronavirus/Social Distancing rules. Today we are meeting my sister for the first time since lockdown (outdoors at Clumber Park) so fingers crossed for good weather!
Take care, and thanks so much for looking xx

Monday, 15 June 2020

Wot No Stamping...

Good morning and happy Monday. Today I'm back with my second "Summer Fields" piece for Country View Crafts. The fields around us are looking lovely at the moment (though a little muddier underfoot after a week and a half of rain). I love listening to the birds and I'm getting better at recognising them, I'm now fluent in Robin and Magpie! Here's my bird canvas.

 I started with an 8x8 canvas and a piece of Art By Marlene collage paper as I wanted to do an image transfer. 

 Now I won't pretend that this is exactly how I wanted it to turn out, but I do like it. I think I was maybe a little over zealous at the 'rubbing the paper off' stage.
 So, I've had these Tim Holtz Collage Papers for a while, so it was nice to use them.

 I painted the large flower with Fresco paints in poppy colours.

 Then I cut some wildflower stems from card and more collage paper.

 And finally my hummingbird from another of Tim's sets.

And there we are, all done, and not a stamp in sight! I can't remember the last time I made a piece without stamping, but I like it just as it is. 
There's still loads of time to join in with our challenge, just show us your Summer fields.
Thanks so much for looking, take care, and have a very happy week x

Friday, 5 June 2020

I'm Still Standing (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Good morning and happy Friday. Do you remember way back in May when I thought it would be a good idea to join in the #mayflowermarlene challenge and make a tag a day? Well, I did it! This is such a big thing for me 'cos I start loads of things, get bored, and don't finish them. Goodness knows how Neil is still here and the kids got to grow up ;-) So, here are my tags from 8 to 32! I'd nearly finished before I realised there were 32 it was 5th May to 5th June inclusive. Very few words, just lots of (I hope) pretty pictures. These tags are 8.x x 5 inches, so yeah let's keep it small and simple NOT. Also, I don't know how to put the pictures side by side so please just keep scrolling...

8 Single Flower
9 Floral Pattern

10 Window Box
11 Garden Party
12 Field of Flowers

13 Floral Graffiti

14  Floral Vase
14 Nana's Wallpaper

16 Table Cloth

17 Misty Blooms

18 Woodland Flowers

19 Tie Die

21 Big and Bold

22  He Loves Me


24 Flower Child

25 Collage 
Bitty Buds

27 Bouquet

28 Butterfly Kisses 
29 Busy Bee

30 Branch

31 Thanks
32 Floral Cover

All done!!!!!

Are you still here.... thank you so much if you are. I'm so pleased that I stuck with this, I think it helped me find out what my 'style' is, I'd never really known before. Now I know I'm just messy! Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for looking xx